Kobey’s Swap Meet
Shopping Tips


  1. ARRIVE EARLY – By arriving early you can take advantage of the larger selections available both at the garage sale and new merchandise stalls. Also, it will give you more time to browse, compare prices and merchandise. 

  2. WEAR THE RIGHT CLOTHES (WATCH WEATHER) – Comfortable clothing and walking shoes are a must when shopping the seemingly endless rows of bargains at Kobey’s. You should also consider wearing a hat as protection from the sun and applying sunscreen. Light clothing on warm days and sweatshirts or windbreakers on cool days will also make your shopping experience more pleasant. 

  3. BRING CASH – Though many merchants who sell new merchandise will take checks and credit cards most sellers are cash and carry. 

  4. BE AWARE OF RETAIL PRICES – It will help you to recognize bargains if you know what the things you want cost in retail stores. To find out with out going to the store, you could check ads or even phone stores before you come to Kobey’s. 

  5. HAVE A GOOD IDEA WHAT YOU WANT, BUT BE OPEN TO SURPRISES – If you have limited time you should know just what you are looking for and consult Kobey’s Magazine & Directory to find out where it’s located. However, since the directory only contains regular monthly sellers, it may not be listed. Even though you have something specific in mind, if you are alert, you may be surprised by something unexpected. 

  6. RUMMAGE – When shopping for garage sales, or even new merchandise, make sure you look behind and under what is displayed. There may be hidden treasure.
  7. PLAN AHEAD IF BUYING A LARGER ITEM – Think about how you’re going to get larger items home. Most Kobey’s sellers don’t deliver, though some may have a warehouse where you can pick up your item later. 

  8. WHEN TO HAGGLE AND WHEN NOT – Most garage sellers will probably come down a little on price; most sellers of new merchandise will probably stick with the posted price, but when in doubt, ask anyway. There’s no harm done. 

  9. CHECK ELECTRICAL ITEMS BEFORE LEAVING – There are electrical outlets near the Kobey trailers at the main entrance or inside the Sports Arena which you can use to check if your electrical item is in proper working order. 

  10. REFUNDS – When buying new merchandise, make sure the merchant will give you a replacement or a refund if it’s defective. If you have trouble when returning it contact a Kobey Manager at the main entrance. Garage sale merchandise is usually sold as is.

  11. FINDING YOUR WAY AROUND – Use your Kobey’s Magazine & Directory to help you find what you want quickly among the nearly 1,000 merchants who come to Kobey’s every weekend. Look for the map inside.